The Saga of the Village Hidden in the Swamp of Death. (Full English Title)
昔々… A Long Time Ago…
Episode 1

Episode 1 of “Origins”, the first season of the Saga of The Village Hidden in Death Swamp!

The academy exam is over but no results are published, and there is no news for a full week. The students are summoned back to the classroom where they find out their team assignments. Out of fifteen students, twelve graduate and are divided into four teams. Each team is given an envelope with further instructions. Team 4 is sent to the Shokubatsu area to meet their guide, Ibara Shokubatsu. Before there can even really be introductions, Shokubatsusensei tells them to fight.
Before Shuu and Hibiki react, Tetsuo begins and attacks Hibiki, grappling in in what looks more like a hug. Hibiki responds with trying to slash at him with the blades on the handles of his daggers, while Shuu makes a clone. Then Tetsuo tries to place an exploding tag on Hibiki and they both jump back but Hibiki gets hit. Shuu and his clone come slashing with their pole arms. Tetsuo tries to kick the pole arm coming at him while the one attacking Hibiki hits; Hibiki promptly faints.
Tetsuo and the Shuus battle it out, and Shuu winds up on the roof then when using the replacement technique destroys half of Sensei’s roof when replacing himself with the chimney which falls in through the porch. After some business with a chair, the Shuu clone soon goes poof into a pile of mud. Shuu comes down off the roof and turns into a panther, leaping at Tetsuo who becomes what looks like a wicker form just as Shuu shreds into it. Satisfied Tetsuo is defeated, Shuu turns his attention to the fainted Hibiki and paws at him a bit before turning human and asking if he is supposed to kill Hibiki.
Hibiki leaps up from the grass, slicing into Shuu’s legs and then slamming part of the handles of his blades down against Shuu’s head, knocking him out. He bows to Sensei who tells him to take Shuu inside. When Hibiki obeys, he finds Tetsuo inside and Sensei begins making tea while he talks to his students.
He explains to them that the village is rotten to the core, everything they know about the village is a lie, and that the only people they can trust are at the table. He makes it clear that they must trust one another and stick together as a team. After giving them tea, he attends to Shuu’s legs and also informs the three of them that they passed, Tetsuo won the fight, and that their first training mission will be a game.

Episode 2
Team 4 is summoned again to Shokubatsusensei’s house. This time, as they are drinking tea, he secretly tells Hibiki to try to escape from the other two is the next game. Hibiki leads the others on a chase across town toward the Iruka clan’s territory, but soon Team 2 gets involved, slowing Hibiki. Shuu follows a clone across the river, and is quite unhappy about being so soggy. Tetsuo ends up caught in a genjutsu by the daughter of his Clan Head. Hibiki pops one of Fukisuchibu’s water clones, and he goes nuts, attacking her all out with the remaining clones, and Murasaki is forced to intervene, poisoning everyone with a gas attack. About that time, Dengeki Waifuusensei appears dramatically and yells at his team. Inari seems to answer his questions to his satisfaction, but he leads the others off to “do laps”. Tetsuo tries to continue with his mission, and retrieve Hibiki, but Shokubatsusensei shows up and tells them that “this new information” is worth more than that game, and invites everyone back for tea again. They all trudge back, and everyone seems to notice that Shuu seems to be behaving oddly. Sensei Tells them they have their first mission in 3 days.
Episode 3
Team 4 meets for its first mission. It is D ranked, so no opposition is expected. It turns out to be a search for a dog in a town named “Kabekage” after a name given to the ninja who would go on to found the Iruka Clan. Sensei tells them all the story of how the Kabekage fought a Dragon for a week, and disappeared, only to show up again in another week. They continued to the town, and spent all day looking. That evening, they found a ninja dressed all in white in an old broken down factory. He had killed the dog and stuffed him in another room of the factory, but Team 4 found it easily. The ninja said he couldn’t let them complete their mission, and Sensei warned his team that this ninja was chuunin level and told them to take him alive. Hibiki ran forward to attack, and the ninja blocked, but Hibiki grabbed the blocking hand, using some sort of jutsu, seeming to paralyze both ninja, poised to strike. Tetsuo began tying up the ninja in white, adding explosive tags to discourage struggling. Shuu attacked the still-free sword arm, and together, they managed to get all of his weapons away from him. After some more time spent tying him up, Hibiki released the jutsu, and jumped back. The ninja made a comment about doing whatever was necessary, and moved one of his arms, setting off the tags. He must have used a jutsu to switch, because when the smoke cleared, Hibiki was lying there, and the ninja in white, now much the worse for ware, was standing off to the side. He tried to cut Tetsuo in half with a wind blade, but Tetsuo knocked his hand aside, deflecting the attack, and tackled him, pinning him to the ground. Sensei began his interrogation by asking “who are you?” and the the ninja replied “We are [[dead:The Dead]].” Then he died. His spirit/last breath came out his mouth and flew out a window. Sensei ran after it, but it was gone. He sealed up the body and belongings, and Team 4 took the dog’s body back to the owners for burial. Tetsuo bought a dog for them from a local pet store, but the owner was not ready for a new dog, so Tetsuo kept it, and is calling it Hayabusa
Episode 4
Team 4 met again at Shokubatsusensei’s house. This time, Shuu was the one to try to escape. He quickly made for the tree line, and began using clones to confuse his persuers. His escape was made more difficult by a genjutsu from Tetsuo, but he was able to misdirect Hibiki and Testuo enough that they brought back a clone instead, only to find Shuu sipping tea with Sensei, who declared Shuu the winner. On the way home, Hibiki was waylaid by Murasaki , who seemed upset about something, and was yelling about a showdown, and keeping team members out of it. Shuu and Tetsuo ignored his ranting and jumped in to defend their teammate, who was already exhausted from their earlier game, and Murasaki retreated, but not before poisoning Tetsuo and Hibiki. After stopping back at Sensei’s for antidote tea, Team 4 went together to take Hibiki home. Then they met Hibki’s Dad in the Iruka clan houses, and went home to have dinner with Hibiki’s family.
Episode 5

Returning from a successful mission, Team 4 is given a little time to recuperate before Ibara Shokubatsu summons them again, this time to challenge Team 1 to a 3 on 3 duel. Their mission is to defeat Sonshitsu and then to loose the challenge, without Team 1 catching on. After a battle on a playground in the islands of the unaffiliated families, Sensei Declared their efforts a great success, but not before Hibiki was knocked out, and Tetsuo miraculously healed him. This caught Team 1’s Sensei completely off guard.

Episode 6

After some training time, Team 4 is sent on another mission. This time, they are delivering a package to a building in the poison country. The 5 Heads of the main 5 clans in the Sawa give them a small envelope to deliver. On the way out, it appears Ibara Shokubatsu has made quite a stir among them, but the reason is not clear. On the road, they are stopped by a team of Ninja: Shousai Tereya, Kamimaru Maeda and Kairo Kouhei. Their teacher is with them, and he picks a fight with Sensei. The 2 Jounin move away to have their fight, and the 2 teams start fighting as well. Hibiki immediately fogs the area, and Shuu takes out the puppets. Tetsuo focused on Shousai Tereya, gradually wearing her chakura reserves down. Hibiki rendered the speedster sick and immoble, finished off the disarmed puppet master, then used a clan jutsu to also render the exhausted Little Tron Girl sick, resulting in what might be the world record of spectacular projectile vomit. The 3 were tied up by Tetsuo, and interrogated, but Shuu discovered an anomaly with the girl’s chakura and it was discovered that she had used replacement and escaped. Ibara Shokubatsu returned and advised the team to leave their captives alive to spread the word not to mess with The Swamp. Hibiki still felt it necessary to carve the village symbol in their palms. Sensei said that he had killed the other jounin, but also said he didn’t remember the fight. Team 4 continued on and completed their mission with no other hitches.

Episode 7
Team 4 Met by Sensei’s house 2 days in a row for practice with combat in the obscuring Iruka fog. All of them did rather well the first day, each of them managing to snag one of the others’ flags. The next day, Sensei hid 5 inanimate objects in his yard, and Hibiki was the only one able to find them. Sensei told Hibiki to consider that an incomplete jutsu until his teammates figured out how to maneuver better in it. Then our heroes went on a mission to extract a prisoner. They terrified an entire town, with 7 or so Leopards running around, and Sensei screaming prophecies of death and vengence, and they had more trouble getting into the jail than they thought, but the plan went off without a hitch, unless you count the uncooperative idiot they were rescuing as being a hitch in and of himself. Sensei told them he had posed a challenge to Team 3’s sensei, and their teams would spar each other soon. She had tentatively agreed, and Sensei was waiting for him team to come up with a plan.
Episode 8

In the final episode of “Origins”, before Team 4 splits off to train individually, They challenged Team 3 to a battle in the basement of the bowling alley. It turned into a readily recognized “evil twin” fight, and eventually it went badly for our heroes, as they had come early, and Tetsuo had already been poisoned before the arrival of the opposing team, and Hibiki was unable to use his fog, for fear of incapacitating his teammates. After this point, Team 4 had about 6 months more of missions together, and then went their separate ways for individual training. They never saw any more of the enigmatic Dead , but they heard stories of other teams encountering them, and the rumors say that this always results in violence, even if the cause is not clear.

Episode 9

Episode 1 of the second series “Ill Wind” of the Saga of the Village Hidden in the Swamp of Death!

The town is buzzing with excitement. Adults and older students are comparing notes and expectations of who will succeed, and who will disappoint at this years CHUUNIN EXAMS!!! A year has passed since the members of Team 4 last saw each other, when a familiar looking note arrives at each of their homes. Sure enough it says to meet at Sensei’s house. Team 4 assembles, and after briefly catching up, they are told that they have another mission together. This time the target is an official building in the Iruka clan’s area. They are to switch a personnel file with a different copy. The copy is labeled with the name Minoru Iruka. Shuu goes to the Nekomei area to check a similar records department there for materials that could be used in faking “official access”, but finds nothing of use. Tetsuo and Hibiki scout out the Iruka office, and meet Fatty, but they are not sure how to proceed. Team 4 meets up near the village gates to discuss their strategy.


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