Hibiki Iruka


He’s such a girl… I mean she’s such a guy… or do I?


Hibiki Iruka is generally a very bubbly, outgoing, happy ninja though sometimes lets things get to him more than they probably should. He can be pretty emotional. He’s also very pretty, and most people think he’s a girl. He doesn’t do a single thing to dissuade this and will respond to female pronouns. He can be quite talkative (when not in a bad mood) though obviously doesn’t know what to do when positive comments are made about his abilities as a ninja, and appears confused and uncomfortable at those times.

He lives with his father, mother, two sisters, and uncle in the Iruka district. He’s never really talked much about his clan or his feelings about anyone outside his immediate family, other than expressing confusion as to why fellow second-gen orphan Murasaki Iruka seems to dislike him so much.

Hibiki is obviously very attached to his dual daggers and sometimes refers to them as Flowering Death. Lately he’s taken to carrying around wooden daggers with him as well when he knows he shouldn’t be slicing someone to shreds. He also has a tendency to give jutsus and attacks rather… bright names, and a lot of his jutsus are sparkly and rainbow-colored.

He enjoys games and prefers to win but, unless he’s in a very foul mood, losing a game doesn’t seem to bother him very much; however sometimes he will take a game a bit too seriously. He loves to swim, and thinks walking on top of the water is boring. He’s also sometimes seen reading manga. He carries around bread with him in a waterproof bag, mostly fish bread but also other baked goods his older sister has made.

After going on missions with teammates Shuu Nekomei and Tetsuo Choukyoushi for about a year, Hibiki spent about another year in constant training under Sakura Iruka. After that, he returned to his team and is currently waiting for further news about the chuunin exams with both excitement ans trepidation.

Hibiki Iruka

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