Episode 9

Episode 1 of the second series “Ill Wind” of the Saga of the Village Hidden in the Swamp of Death!

The town is buzzing with excitement. Adults and older students are comparing notes and expectations of who will succeed, and who will disappoint at this years CHUUNIN EXAMS!!! A year has passed since the members of Team 4 last saw each other, when a familiar looking note arrives at each of their homes. Sure enough it says to meet at Sensei’s house. Team 4 assembles, and after briefly catching up, they are told that they have another mission together. This time the target is an official building in the Iruka clan’s area. They are to switch a personnel file with a different copy. The copy is labeled with the name Minoru Iruka. Shuu goes to the Nekomei area to check a similar records department there for materials that could be used in faking “official access”, but finds nothing of use. Tetsuo and Hibiki scout out the Iruka office, and meet Fatty, but they are not sure how to proceed. Team 4 meets up near the village gates to discuss their strategy.



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