Episode 7

Team 4 Met by Sensei’s house 2 days in a row for practice with combat in the obscuring Iruka fog. All of them did rather well the first day, each of them managing to snag one of the others’ flags. The next day, Sensei hid 5 inanimate objects in his yard, and Hibiki was the only one able to find them. Sensei told Hibiki to consider that an incomplete jutsu until his teammates figured out how to maneuver better in it. Then our heroes went on a mission to extract a prisoner. They terrified an entire town, with 7 or so Leopards running around, and Sensei screaming prophecies of death and vengence, and they had more trouble getting into the jail than they thought, but the plan went off without a hitch, unless you count the uncooperative idiot they were rescuing as being a hitch in and of himself. Sensei told them he had posed a challenge to Team 3’s sensei, and their teams would spar each other soon. She had tentatively agreed, and Sensei was waiting for him team to come up with a plan.


I wish I could have been there for the prophecies of panic. :)

Episode 7

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