Episode 6

After some training time, Team 4 is sent on another mission. This time, they are delivering a package to a building in the poison country. The 5 Heads of the main 5 clans in the Sawa give them a small envelope to deliver. On the way out, it appears Ibara Shokubatsu has made quite a stir among them, but the reason is not clear. On the road, they are stopped by a team of Ninja: Shousai Tereya, Kamimaru Maeda and Kairo Kouhei. Their teacher is with them, and he picks a fight with Sensei. The 2 Jounin move away to have their fight, and the 2 teams start fighting as well. Hibiki immediately fogs the area, and Shuu takes out the puppets. Tetsuo focused on Shousai Tereya, gradually wearing her chakura reserves down. Hibiki rendered the speedster sick and immoble, finished off the disarmed puppet master, then used a clan jutsu to also render the exhausted Little Tron Girl sick, resulting in what might be the world record of spectacular projectile vomit. The 3 were tied up by Tetsuo, and interrogated, but Shuu discovered an anomaly with the girl’s chakura and it was discovered that she had used replacement and escaped. Ibara Shokubatsu returned and advised the team to leave their captives alive to spread the word not to mess with The Swamp. Hibiki still felt it necessary to carve the village symbol in their palms. Sensei said that he had killed the other jounin, but also said he didn’t remember the fight. Team 4 continued on and completed their mission with no other hitches.



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