Episode 4

Team 4 met again at Shokubatsusensei’s house. This time, Shuu was the one to try to escape. He quickly made for the tree line, and began using clones to confuse his persuers. His escape was made more difficult by a genjutsu from Tetsuo, but he was able to misdirect Hibiki and Testuo enough that they brought back a clone instead, only to find Shuu sipping tea with Sensei, who declared Shuu the winner. On the way home, Hibiki was waylaid by Murasaki , who seemed upset about something, and was yelling about a showdown, and keeping team members out of it. Shuu and Tetsuo ignored his ranting and jumped in to defend their teammate, who was already exhausted from their earlier game, and Murasaki retreated, but not before poisoning Tetsuo and Hibiki. After stopping back at Sensei’s for antidote tea, Team 4 went together to take Hibiki home. Then they met Hibki’s Dad in the Iruka clan houses, and went home to have dinner with Hibiki’s family.



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