Episode 3

Team 4 meets for its first mission. It is D ranked, so no opposition is expected. It turns out to be a search for a dog in a town named “Kabekage” after a name given to the ninja who would go on to found the Iruka Clan. Sensei tells them all the story of how the Kabekage fought a Dragon for a week, and disappeared, only to show up again in another week. They continued to the town, and spent all day looking. That evening, they found a ninja dressed all in white in an old broken down factory. He had killed the dog and stuffed him in another room of the factory, but Team 4 found it easily. The ninja said he couldn’t let them complete their mission, and Sensei warned his team that this ninja was chuunin level and told them to take him alive. Hibiki ran forward to attack, and the ninja blocked, but Hibiki grabbed the blocking hand, using some sort of jutsu, seeming to paralyze both ninja, poised to strike. Tetsuo began tying up the ninja in white, adding explosive tags to discourage struggling. Shuu attacked the still-free sword arm, and together, they managed to get all of his weapons away from him. After some more time spent tying him up, Hibiki released the jutsu, and jumped back. The ninja made a comment about doing whatever was necessary, and moved one of his arms, setting off the tags. He must have used a jutsu to switch, because when the smoke cleared, Hibiki was lying there, and the ninja in white, now much the worse for ware, was standing off to the side. He tried to cut Tetsuo in half with a wind blade, but Tetsuo knocked his hand aside, deflecting the attack, and tackled him, pinning him to the ground. Sensei began his interrogation by asking “who are you?” and the the ninja replied “We are [[dead:The Dead]].” Then he died. His spirit/last breath came out his mouth and flew out a window. Sensei ran after it, but it was gone. He sealed up the body and belongings, and Team 4 took the dog’s body back to the owners for burial. Tetsuo bought a dog for them from a local pet store, but the owner was not ready for a new dog, so Tetsuo kept it, and is calling it Hayabusa



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