Episode 2

Team 4 is summoned again to Shokubatsusensei’s house. This time, as they are drinking tea, he secretly tells Hibiki to try to escape from the other two is the next game. Hibiki leads the others on a chase across town toward the Iruka clan’s territory, but soon Team 2 gets involved, slowing Hibiki. Shuu follows a clone across the river, and is quite unhappy about being so soggy. Tetsuo ends up caught in a genjutsu by the daughter of his Clan Head. Hibiki pops one of Fukisuchibu’s water clones, and he goes nuts, attacking her all out with the remaining clones, and Murasaki is forced to intervene, poisoning everyone with a gas attack. About that time, Dengeki Waifuusensei appears dramatically and yells at his team. Inari seems to answer his questions to his satisfaction, but he leads the others off to “do laps”. Tetsuo tries to continue with his mission, and retrieve Hibiki, but Shokubatsusensei shows up and tells them that “this new information” is worth more than that game, and invites everyone back for tea again. They all trudge back, and everyone seems to notice that Shuu seems to be behaving oddly. Sensei Tells them they have their first mission in 3 days.



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