Episode 1

Episode 1 of “Origins”, the first season of the Saga of The Village Hidden in Death Swamp!

The academy exam is over but no results are published, and there is no news for a full week. The students are summoned back to the classroom where they find out their team assignments. Out of fifteen students, twelve graduate and are divided into four teams. Each team is given an envelope with further instructions. Team 4 is sent to the Shokubatsu area to meet their guide, Ibara Shokubatsu. Before there can even really be introductions, Shokubatsusensei tells them to fight.
Before Shuu and Hibiki react, Tetsuo begins and attacks Hibiki, grappling in in what looks more like a hug. Hibiki responds with trying to slash at him with the blades on the handles of his daggers, while Shuu makes a clone. Then Tetsuo tries to place an exploding tag on Hibiki and they both jump back but Hibiki gets hit. Shuu and his clone come slashing with their pole arms. Tetsuo tries to kick the pole arm coming at him while the one attacking Hibiki hits; Hibiki promptly faints.
Tetsuo and the Shuus battle it out, and Shuu winds up on the roof then when using the replacement technique destroys half of Sensei’s roof when replacing himself with the chimney which falls in through the porch. After some business with a chair, the Shuu clone soon goes poof into a pile of mud. Shuu comes down off the roof and turns into a panther, leaping at Tetsuo who becomes what looks like a wicker form just as Shuu shreds into it. Satisfied Tetsuo is defeated, Shuu turns his attention to the fainted Hibiki and paws at him a bit before turning human and asking if he is supposed to kill Hibiki.
Hibiki leaps up from the grass, slicing into Shuu’s legs and then slamming part of the handles of his blades down against Shuu’s head, knocking him out. He bows to Sensei who tells him to take Shuu inside. When Hibiki obeys, he finds Tetsuo inside and Sensei begins making tea while he talks to his students.
He explains to them that the village is rotten to the core, everything they know about the village is a lie, and that the only people they can trust are at the table. He makes it clear that they must trust one another and stick together as a team. After giving them tea, he attends to Shuu’s legs and also informs the three of them that they passed, Tetsuo won the fight, and that their first training mission will be a game.



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